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Is there a job that will give you satisfaction, good money and help you spread your wings? We’ve got it for you. We are not an ordinary recruitment agency. We will connect you with the right company and recommend you for the right position.

We respect individuality

We know that it is all about a specific person and his or her future - you. This is why we are empathetic and not afraid to think out of the box, for surely everyone is different.

We operate ethically

One values are very important to us, although for some it might be old-fashioned. Morality. You can be sure that we are specialists in our field, operate ethically, and also care about good and free communication.

What do you usually ask us about?

In case of recruitment carried out by Business Bridge Group, the candidate is employed directly by the employer. Therefore, agency’s presence in the recruitment process does not impact on the amount of salary.

After you’ve read the offer, send us your CV. If we are interested, our consultant will phone you to carry out an initial interview. On this basis we will prepare information for the employer. We will call you again, once we have received feedback. If your candidacy is positively accepted, we will make an appointment for you with the employer at our office or at the employer’s company.

An interview is all about showing your best side and presenting your up-to-date experience. It is worth thinking about what you want to present to the potential employer and what to pay attention to. It’s good to relax before the interview, not to allow stress to stop you showing off your best side and who you really are.

You lose nothing by taking part in a recruitment process carried out by Business Bridge Group. You gain a consultant’s care at each stage and you are sure that you apply only to checked and trusted employers.

Very often the employer does not want the salary to be the main motivation for applying for a job. It is a common practice that the candidate presents his/her financial requirements and the remuneration is agreed after seeing the application and it depends on experience and qualifications of each person.

You cannot see an offer for yourself? It’s only a matter of time. Therefore, it is good to be in our database.

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