We know all about people. We support business development.

People who are passionate about their work and companies that operate with  teams full of involved and creative professionals. This is where we take our clients.

Our Mission

We build bridges. There are people at one end, and business at the other end. We help you meet.

We like to think of ourselves as strategists. On the one hand we have the employers’ expectations, and on the other – the employees’ competences. Our mission is to find a connection between them and build a bridge. We want them, first of all, to meet and then work more closely together, we desire passion and involvement to be awaken, for communication to be an encouragement and not an obstacle.

How do we do it? Recruitment is our foundation. For the last 10 years, we have been finding qualified specialists for companies, mainly in Poland, but also in  England, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Norway. We are experts in searching for specialists, engineers, sales people and managers for many sectors, including : production, HVAC, furniture, automotive, IT and services. Those who have trusted us know that we are effective and never give up.

We find the right person -  what next? We are strategists, so we support business comprehensively in the area of HR. We increase the competences of employees through  training courses and conferences, and we also organize various company events - we build them up to form a great team.

We have already built over a thousand bridges. No wonder since  we come from Wroclaw - the City of Hundred Bridges.

Our values, what is really important for us


For our clients we look for employees as involved as we are. The passion for what we do makes us wake up happy on Mondays, excited about the tasks ahead.

Team Synergy

We maintain a  good atmosphere - communicate expectations, the right approach to problem solving, support, openness, and encourage development. We enjoy working together and we complement each other so that our team is complete.

Life Values

Who we are privately also determines what kind of employees we are. Responsibility, honesty, involvement and loyalty are important to us. This is why we choose people, who apart from being professional, also cherish the same values in their lives.

It is not products and technologies that bring change. Everything starts with people. Meet our team.

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We have been operating
for 10 years!

We haven’t wasted our time. We’ve connected hundreds of people with interesting work places, we’ve found professionals for a whole host of companies. Where there was a need, we successfully trained staff. But we also organized a number of interesting events.

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