We have been operating for 14 years!

We officially started building bridges between companies and their employees in the late autumn of 2008. Of course, before we started the project, we had intensively worked on the concept until we came to understand what we wanted the business to be. We didn’t just want to do recruitment, but we wanted to operate in a wider scope, have a positive impact on relationships between companies and their teams, offer them new possibilities and keep  high standards.

13 years have passed - how have we managed? Our own bridge has several strong elements: recruitment, training and events. In each of these areas we are developing intensively. We have had exciting commissions, and we have had less exciting ones, but in each we were equally strongly involved for we know that there are people behind each. And as we are a HR company the human aspect is the most important in business.

We often do recruitment for highly specialized positions. For example, we looked for a ship’s captain, a chef for a VIP and also an operator for a concrete block machine. We like variety so we are happy that we have clients from Ireland, England, Norway, Germany, Italy and Sweden. They are interesting experiences and we are convinced that there are many more adventures ahead.